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HP Gas Booking Status

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An Initiative Called HP Anytime:

HP Anytime is an IVRS based gas refill booking service. It is a very customer-centric idea conceived by HPCL for benefits of all consumers that are customers HP GAS. With the use of this system, all HP GAS customers will get a chance of booking refills all across their state with the dialing of one telephone number. The Customers on dialing would instantly receive a number of booking just like a token, which will help customers keep informed about their status. After this system arrived, the old practice of booking refills manually may get old.

All booking done by customers get stored in a server centrally located and all information regarding bookings is sent to computers of HPGAS distribution offices. For those customers who prefer booking refills on their own fixed phones exist at all distribution agencies for connecting with the IVRS system. HP Anytime service gives a chance to HP GAS customers to book refills and check their hp gas booking status using this system.

The customers have a facility of registering their mobile/landline numbers on the IVRS system for facilitating automatic identification, whenever a registered customer calls for any help. HP Anytime sends three SMS to all of their customers for keeping a note of their hp gas booking status.

HP Gas is behind the daily cooking of household and commercial food for more than millions of citizens. Sometimes customers face trouble in booking through the IVRS, they can go online and book their refills. They can also check hp gas booking status online, which is very easy and simple. The procedure of using this online system is:

  • First of all customers need to visit the link http://jihaan.hpcl.co.in/booking/Default.aspx
  • Customers will have to sign in using their consumer number.
  • After providing the consumer Number, name of state, name of district, name of city and company name of respective HP GAS distribution agency will have to be entered.
  • If all data is verified, the customer’s name shall appear, they will have to confirm it.
  • Email ID and password will have to be entered for setting up an HP GAS account online.
  • Before customers can login in their accounts, the e-mail ID will have to be confirmed by going and clicking a link that was sent on the e-mail of a customer.
  •  After confirmation of email id, the same link needs to be visited for logging in with the password and email id.
  • Then the customer will be able to view his details and his distributor’s details.
  • On left side of the screen, ‘Internet Booking’ option will appear which is used for booking refills online.

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