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HP Gas Booking Complaints

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HP Gas Booking Complaints

All types of HP gas booking Complaints as well as HP gas booking of new connection complaint can be made through to HP gas booking customer care by consumer in both offline and online way.

HP Gas Booking Complaints Online Way:

  • To make HP gas booking of new connection complaint or any complaint such as late delivery, problem in refill booking etc, consumer should open HP Gas official URL http://jihaan.HPcl.co.in/booking/Default.aspx
  • Now consumer go to Feedback/Complaint column and click on the button
  • An online complaint/feedback form opens in next page
  • Type the following information in relevant boxes:
  • Consumer Name
  • Consumer Address
  • State, Town/City
  • Distributor
  • Consumer Number
  • Consumer email
  • Consumer Contact Number

Nature of Complaint:

Select type complaint such as HP gas booking of new connection complaint, refill complaint, delivery complaint or HP gas booking Complaints Subject.


Here consumer can write his reasons for complaining in detail. Once the complaint has been registered online, consumer is allotted a Reference Number

HP Gas Booking Complaints Offline Way:

Physical Access:

Consumer can reach his distributor and can file a HP gas booking of new connection complaint or any complaint using his Consumer Number. Addresses of distributors of HP Gas can be easily got on its website.

Over the Phone:

Consumer can refer his issues like HP gas booking of new connection complaint, refill booking complaint, late delivery complaint etc over the phone by Dialing HP gas booking customer care Cell. The HP gas booking customer care Cell contact is easily available on HP Gas website; to get HP gas booking customer care, consumer should:

  • Click Contact Us on the website
  • On next page, drop list of Office/Plants/Depots; select LPG Consumer Care Cell followed by selecting State
  • Relevant state’s HP gas booking customer care Cell contact number and address will appear

Complaint Tracking

  • Consumer should open above mentioned HP Gas URL
  • Go to Track Complaints and click the button
  • On next page, type the Reference Number (generated at the times of online complaining) and Email ID; click Search
  • The status of complaint will generate

SMS/IVR Refill Booking Numbers

  • Bangalore – 9964023456
  • Chandigarh - 9855623456
  • Kerala – 9961023456
  • Vizag N Hyderabad – 9666023456
  • Kolkata – 9088823456
  • Chennai – 9092223456
  • Lucknow – 9889623456
  • Pune N Mumbai – 8888823456
  • Delhi – 9990923456
  • Patna – 9507123456

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