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HP Gas Agency In Pune

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HP Gas Agency In Pune

Many a customer’s face the problem in getting refill cylinder from the outlets. Many a time’s customers say that they are not at home to receive the same .If the customers call the agency again they say it will be delivered by tomorrow but tomorrow never comes.

According to customers, the delivery boys of HP gas agency in Pune behave as if they own the agency. One of the customers who stay in wajre, Pune claims it has taken more than 15 days for the delivery of the cylinder. First, they do not pick up the phone line at all or it is kept ringing more most of the time. This customer is also worried about the illegal delivery of the cylinder to someone else or the black sail of the cylinder. Instead of the delivery whoever comes to office personally cylinder is given to them. The nation with all its technical advances is still facing the problem in fulfilment of basic services as LPG. The Hindustan petroleum Gas agency wants to block the multiple connections with the people by linking their public distribution system to ‘Adhaar’. It will test the implementation of direct cash transfers using ‘Adhaar’. Parliamentary panel has suggested revision of UDIAI act but the project will be in full swing in Mysore, Hyderabad and Pune. One cannot take their refill unless one supplies the relevant documents.It will ensure efficient delivery once implemented by pune HP gas agency.

Over 11,000 customers will have to fill out a form, which asks for one’s Adhaar number, bank account details and personal details. Once this system comes into effect even Pune HP gas agency will have to verify Adhaar numbers before filling the database and eliminating fake connections.There will be especially trained staff to deliver the LPG to customers who will be required to give their thumb impression to the person knocking at their doorstep.  After the verification of sale, the transaction is closed and the oil marketing company makes a record. It will make sure that the connection reaches the right person. Assistant director general, UIDAI has made this claim. UIDAI is the company responsible for Adhaar roll out. Consumer will have Aadhaar linked bank account where his subsidy is deposited. Some agencies have been putting pressure on delivery boys to detect leakage and theft of cylinders.  The staff trained for this service will use mobile point of sale device. There are challenges with this system still. Many a times the process is repeated twice or thrice but the problem persists.

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