HP Gas Booking Online And New Connection Details
HP Gas Online Booking details and procedure
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HP Gas Booking

Under the brand name of Pyrofax, Union Carbide introduced modern LPG for first time in 1920. Marketing of LPG was initiated by Stanvac n Burmah Shell in 1950s; LPG marketing was later c HP gas booking online enced by HPCL in 1979 under label name HP Gas. With Rs. 108599 crore turnover annually and Rs 114889 crore income from operation during financial year 09 – 10, HPCL is a 500 Fortune company. HP Gas holds a very sturdy infrastructure of market and more than 20 percent share in Indian market. Country’s biggest Lube Refinery is also owned by HP Gas which produces lube oils of global standards. HP Gas refinery of lube oil is responsible for producing 2/5th of total production of lube oil in the country.

HP Gas Booking

The procedure of HP gas booking is based on two ways: one being offline method and other being HP gas booking online.

Offline Method:

Existing Consumer:

Those cosumers who are already members of HP Gas can have a HP gas booking using their Consumer Number in following ways:

  • By directly going to the concerned distributor 
  • Or through SMS/IVR dialing following phone numbers
    1. Vizag N Hyderabad – 9666023456
    2. Kolkata – 9088823456
    3. Chennai – 9092223456
    4. Delhi – 9990923456
    5. Patna – 9507123456
    6. Bangalore – 9964023456
    7. Lucknow – 9889623456
    8. Pune N Mumbai – 8888823456
    9. Chandigarh - 9855623456
    10. Kerala – 9961023456

HP Gas Booking For New Connection:

If a consumer wants to get HP gas booking connection, he needs to register with the nearest HP gas booking dealer. For HP gas booking for new connection registration, new consumer needs to submit a photograph, Photo ID proof and address proof. That’s what the process of HP gas booking for new connection.

HP Gas Booking Online Method:

Existing Consumers:

  • For HP gas booking online, existing consumers should
  • Go to HP Gas Consumer Zone under Quick Link on HP Gas website
  • On next page, log in using ID n Password and make HP gas booking online
  • If not online member, sign up for HP gas booking online by clicking Sign Up for Existing Consumer

New Consumers:

For HP gas booking for new connection, new consumers should:

  • Go to HP Gas Consumer Zone under Quick Link on HP Gas website
  • On next page, sign up for HP gas booking for new connection by clicking Sign Up for New Connection
  • After registration completion, an Internet Registration number is generated; new consumer should submit all required documents and fee
  • Then new consumer is allotted a Consumer Number for booking HP Gas

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